Best Kayak Cart of 2021

Getting a kayak out of the car can be a very normal activity, but what if there is one that is heavier? You can really change your experience by purchasing the best kayak cart if you are a one-way or parallel kayaker. 

However, kayak cart can be placed under the kayak and support weight when riding. It is basically a two-wheeled frame, and you may find several types for different kayaks.

We drafted this kayak cart reviews to learn about the features and specifications of some kayak trolleys and present the top kayak trolleys so that you have some ideal choices when buying.

7 Best Kayak Cart Reviews

Not all the kayak carts are made to serve you well. So, you have to be picky to find the cart that is best with qualities and available at reasonable cost. In fact, the following reviews will be helpful for you.

Our Top Pick – Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Carrier Trolley

Our top pick Bonnlo tire cart features lightweight design for easy transportation with kayaking, canoeing, or rowing to a river, lake, or ocean. It is very comfortable to use; folding it, storing the wheels, and resting in a kayak hull or tying it to the back with an elastic cord are also hassle-free. 

Rubber bumpers have used to wear protection—a total of 4 foam bumpers on the shoulders to protect the kayak hull. The luggage rack is folding for secure storage and transportation. 

Overall, it is a great product. Unlike its competitors, tires do not suck, and since they are durable and don’t go flat. Besides, it does not have a weak strap. Preferably, it has a belt and elastic cord that are quite long and of good quality. 

Finally, it is resilient and does not try to close. In fact, the boat fits well (without slipping), even if it is not attached to the belt and the elastic cord. Designers match it!

Things We Liked:

  • Massive carrying capacity allows you to transport your kayak easily.
  • Durable aluminum frame protects the kayak or canoe hull.
  • Easy to assemble and carry with no tools.
  • The two ratchet straps can secure the kayak and easily move the cart.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Kickstand doesn’t work well for uneven terrain or rock.

Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

When looking for the best kayak trolleys, I consider it at the first. This is one of the heaviest kayaks and very easy to load and unload. This kayak from ‘Wilderness Systems’ is also the winner of the Paddling magazine’s ‘best transport’ category in 2018.

This upgraded heavy duty kayak cart has built like a small tank. Moreover, it is durable and stable. In fact, the grand design does not require support, like most other kayak carts. This cart can carry up to 450 lbs. It comes with adjustable width and simple storage system.

I do not tilt the boat during transportation. I don’t even use straps when portaging kayaks. However, boats remained safe at the top and towed on an uneven surface under stress. 

If you’re looking for a upgrade one I highly recommend this upgraded cart. Save your pennies and buy it and it’s worth it.

Things We Liked:

  • The no-flat free wheels can carry up to 450 lbs. 
  • You can easily break down for storage. 
  • Flexible width prevents twisting and slipping sideways. 
  • Marine-grade aluminum alloy provides superior strength.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Some users complain about the weak ratchets system.

RAILBLAZA Ctug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart

The C-TUG kayak cart keeps on astounding sports enthusiasts with their long-lasting appeal, incredible power, and beautiful appearance. Designed for the long term, it is built with stainless steel polymer without corrosion.

This cart can also be detached in seconds so you can store it in the luggage compartment or on your ocean kayak to take you to your next preferred water adventure. It supports your canoe or kayak with rubber cushions during transport.

The design of it is gorgeous, but the details that make it simple, durable, and easy to assemble and disassemble. I read a lot of positive reviews about the C-Tug, so I decided to buy it. 

Recently I visited a lake in Long Island, New York. The trail is about 300 meters from a semi-rough forest path with stairs. The RAILBLAZA C-Tug took it all in stride! It never came out and was quickly pulled. However, you will not find problems with the storing in the backside of your kayak. 

Things We Liked:

  • Having puncture-free tiers.
  • The cross beam acts as the axle of the cart. 
  • Kickstands are adjustable. 
  • The adjustable rubber pads fit the most hulls.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The straps have not constructed so well.

Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

This kayak cart has come out in the industry with lot more potential. This cart can carry out heavy load of your beginner kayak or canoe. The 10” airless rubber tire does not go flat.

I bought a Suspenz trolley as a substitute for my old stroller. It is very stable and durable. While Suspenz is not ideal for tone, it is much simpler to load and unload a kayak. Hold it in the center of the kayak, and you can maneuver the load on both sides and push or pull the load. 

This smart cart is designed to serve you for a longer period. You will rarely find any issue in the tire. Installation doesn’t require much time and effort. This well-built kayak cart is easy to assemble and use as well.

Determine the place that you most often find to select the wheel option. In fact, it is a great product that will allow you to use your kayak in more ‘wonderful places’.

Things We Liked:

  • 10” airless tire has less chance to go flat. 
  • You can folds down to a 27″ x 13″ x 3″ into a carrying mesh bag. 
  • Highly durable with powder-coated aluminum frame. 
  • It can carry up to 125 lbs.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • This cart does not work well through the sand.

Kayak Cart Dolly Wheels Trolley

This cart is the ideal carrier for transporting kayaks, canoes or other small boats from your car to the river, lake, ocean, or water of your choice.

In fact, it is a great transportation alternative, and with a V-shaped base, it holds the kayak and canoe perfectly. Also, you do not need to risk transporting the boat on an uneven surface.

This nice one in my carts collection! The first one was very similar, perhaps made by another company. I had transported my kayaks about 400 meters from the parking lot to the water. In fact, it was a decisive factor without this car. 

I tie it about 1/3 of the way back (forward), or maybe a little further ahead, to reduce the weight I had to carry. On the tape, transfer the belt back from the support bar to the rear on both sides.

Attach the belt to a seat or something else, as the kayak cart can cause the belt or dolly to slip. I have no complaints about this. Well designed and manufactured! When you get to the water, tie it to your boat so that it is on your way back.

Things We Liked:

  • Rust-resistant material has made it highly durable. 
  • Carrying capacity up to 165 lbs. 
  • The kickstand on both legs. 
  • Easy to use and fold.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The cart has rubber tires that are not fully airless.


You can transfer a canoe or kayak quickly and smoothly from the lake’s parking in this canoe carrier. It holds the kayak from the body to the V-shaped cradle with foam pad sides 3-1/2 inches in size on each arm.

I looked at a few canoe carriers; everything is much more expensive, so I was a little worried. Though this top-quality white water kayak cart requires you mid-level spending, you will not regret after buying it. So, don’t worry!

This kayak cart is fantastic. Basically, you can carry it very easily cause weight capacity doesn’t require your much effort. You will not feel bothered when carrying your kayak on it.

Tires, of course, smell like tires. Though many users complain about this, but this is not a big issue at all. Keep it in your garage and bring to work when the new tire’s smell goes out.

Things We Liked:

  • This dolly can carry up to 150 lbs. 
  • Twelve feet long tie-down strap is easy to install. 
  • Easy to transport and break down the cart. 
  • The solid metal frame has made it highly durable.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Some users complain about the tire’s smell.

Apex KC-Dolly-SEAT Personal Watercraft Dolly

This kayak cart is a great collection in the kayak cart industry. It includes a 12-feet fastening strap to hold the boat and doubles as a short seat off the ground.

Well-made, durable belts allow you to carry your kayak or canoe effortlessly, from your garage or car to the river by crossing a long or short distance. You are allowed to fold the cart and store it in a small space. The innovative design of the cart makes it easy for both cart and kayak to carry without hassle.

However, it is durable and will work for you for long time. So, this one can ultimately save your money as you don’t need to spend for any other cart in near future.

Things We Liked:

  • It’s weight capacity up to 250 lbs. 
  • Rubberized grip pad can carry hybrid hulls. 
  • Have a built-in kick start chair support. 
  • Easy to use and fold.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • You can only use it for a single kayak.

What to Look for Before Buying a Kayak Cart

Although all kayaks usually serve the same purpose and work in much the same way, they are not equal. Let’s look at some features that you might miss. Take the time to check out these crucial scores to make sure you have the right kayak cart. 

Frame Material

The best kayak trolleys are composed of aluminum or steel. Hardly, you find them contain plastic or composite material. Although steel is fit for freshwater trips, it is susceptible to corrosion when exposed to seawater. 

On the other hand, aluminum is lightweight and non-corrosive. Go for a powder or aluminum frame to keep your investment going.


Pick where to best use your kayak before sitting in a cart. Durability and longevity can cost portability if the cart does not feature both. In addition to the weight capacity of the cart, you should also consider the weight of your kayak.

Attachment Method

Two most common attachment methods for kayak carts are:

  • Scupper Drain Hole Model

For those of you who don’t know, scupper drain holes are holes in the bottom of the kayak that help the boat descend. If your tandem kayak has low tide scupper holes, measure the distance between them to match the fitting and the scupper holes.

  • Fold Out Strap Version

In this method, the kayak can be folded when not in use and transported if necessary. To keep all together, you must use the supplied belts or straps. However, this method is fit for nearly all kayak models on the market.


It would be best if you found a cart that is flexible and folds. Many kayak carts can adjust the width to accommodate various boats. However, it is an excellent solution if you intend to use it for different kayaks.

Besides, it is useful if the cart can be folded and removed for secure storage in the car or on a kayak when you are in the water.

Strap Types

Many kayakers often want to buy mounting straps for their carts. But, fastening belts are often best suited for heavy use, such as transporting massive tree trunks or tying a car. It is usually good to use a quick tie-down strap because there is no need for anything substantial in a light cart.

Final Verdict

There are many options for every need. I urge you to evaluate your needs and choose the kayak cart perfect for your situation. Explore every aspect, and then select the element you want! I hope this guide helps you find the best kayak cart that suits you best.