Best Kayak Paddle of 2021

If you have ever paddled in a kayak, you’ll know how critical the best kayak paddles are to the experience. Superior kayak paddles enable you to achieve better performance without getting tired, thus enjoying your adventure more. They are an essential accessory of any kayak. However, finding the ideal paddles is not as easy as many think.

A variety of aspects much be considered, which can feel overwhelming. Today we help you identify the ideal paddle. That means assessing the difference between long and short, wide or narrow, blades made of aluminum or carbon fiber, fiberglass blades and different poles. Armed with this information, you can find the best cheap kayak paddle for your needs.

Top 10 Kayak Paddle Reviews

Sea Sense Kayak Paddle

This quality kayak paddle from sea sense has a beautiful blade design, and it’s great for you if you plan to carry out some high-speed sea kayaking. It’s designed with a natural grip, boasting an ergonomic construction to maintain your comfort while embarking upon long-distance kayaking.

Sea sense has a feathered and asymmetric blade that works well with high angle paddlers. The feathered blade features three locking locations, while helps you paddle smoothly in long- and short-distance sea kayaking.

It’s a lightweight paddle made from light fiberglass with an aluminum shaft, making it portable, and you can easily keep it on your backpack while deep sea kayaking. 

The material used in constructing the paddle is corrosion- and rust-resistant, allowing use on both fresh and salty seawater. In addition, it has a ridge located on the medial side of the shaft to produce strong and powerful strokes.

AQUA BOUND Carbon 2-Piece Manta-Ray Kayak Paddle

Aqua-Bond Manta Ray Hybrid performs precisely according to your expectations of flatwater paddling. This fantastic paddle comes with a two-button release mechanism, making it secure to use on a deep-sea adventure.

The paddle has a lightweight carbon shaft with reinforced blades. As a result, it’s comfortable while paddling and reduces fatigue. Furthermore, it has a locking system that is corrosion resistant. This ensures the paddle sticks around for a long time, negating the need to worry about unnecessary replacements.

It features 100% carbon and resin blades that are lightweight, durable and stiff, especially compared to the glass-reinforced blades. Most users love this paddle as it weighs only 3 pounds and can be placed on a backpack for secure storage.

Aqua bond has a patented system that is appropriately designed and perfectly locks two piece paddle together. The blade has a dihedral design that prevents flutter despite the amount of pressure, and the carbon shaft is textured to provide a firm and comfortable grip.

Pelican Kayak Paddle 

This kayak paddle from pelican is well-constructed, acting as one of the best paddles for kayakers looking for a lightweight option. The Pelican kayak paddle comes with two durable aluminum construction pieces that promise durability.

This fantastic kayak paddle is made from impact-resistant fiberglass, fully reinforced with a polypropylene feathered blade. The paddle is lightweight to help you paddle with less fatigue and extends your kayaking time on the sea.

What’s more, it comes with adjustable drip rings to keep your hands dry while paddling for an excellent and secure grip. The straight shaft helps you hold the paddle tightly and adequately using your right hand and loosely with the left hand. This helps ensure a pleasurable kayaking experience.

Best Marine and Outdoor Paddle 

This is an excellent paddle for smooth waters and still lakes, as its blades measure 6.75 x 17.5 inches with an asymmetrical shape. The best news is that it’s also one of the best marine paddles. It comes with three adjustable positions to provide a space for offset and straight blades.

Furthermore, the paddle is designed to bite correctly on the water with a strong pull, making it a versatile tool for both fishing and touring kayak.

It has drip guards to prevent water from getting on the boat, and your hands and the shaft comes separately for secure storage. The carbon fiber construction is welcome too, as that that can be easily gripped without foam or rubber grips.

The paddle’s fiberglass is relatively still and offers smooth handling, so your energy won’t be drained while paddling for an extended time. One thing that made this paddle win the hearts of many is that it comes with a paddle leash. Many thanks to the manufacturer for backing it up with an extended warranty.

Leader Accessories Marine Kayak Paddles 

Among the affordable selections for recreational deep sea paddling is the leader accessories paddle range. They feature a wear-resistant ring that’s designed to prevent water from moving down the shaft tube. You can also choose from five colors, such as yellow or orange, minimalist black blue, or yellow.

Furthermore, they come with lightweight, feathered blade design and molded plastic blades to make easy paddling on open seas. They come in two different sizes: 96 inches and 87 inches, while the blade measures 7.5 x 18.5 inches.

They have an easy-push button connection that can be easily feathered at 60 degrees for the right or left control, providing you with appropriate space to practice your attack angles and techniques. The molded plastic blades offer additional traction, which help in adding friction and facilitate effortless forward movement. 

MSC Kayak Paddle

This is a versatile paddle for white water kayaking, touring, and recreational kayaking. It has an anodized fiberglass shaft that provides wear and corrosion resistance. It also features high-tension plastic construction blades that provide an appealing combination of affordability, durability, and performance.

This product from MSC has won the hearts of many as it comes with three-button snap ferrule construction that allows you to regulate the feathering angle from 0 to 60 degrees.

The paddle features two-piece construction to make you store it quickly at the back of your pick up and leave for open water kayaking. In other words, it’s a portable paddle that weighs only 3 pounds.

The support ridge also helps add more strength while paddling, while the drip guards are essential in keeping you dry. The foam grips also provide additional comfort when paddling for prolonged periods.

Intex Dual Purpose Paddle

This handy product from Intex features a three-piece paddle set that can be combined to create a 96-inch kayak paddle. It’s constructed with a durable and lightweight aluminum shaft that delivers proper control and needs less energy to control.

In addition, the lightweight aluminum construction makes for easy transportation and rowing. The paddle comes with drip/retainer rings and ribbed blades that provide maximum strength while paddling.

The paddle comes with a large black blade that assists in easy paddling when on a long-distance sea paddling. Praise is also due to the manufacturer for backing this eye-catching paddling tool with a two-year warranty.

The paddle features a compact size measuring 3.2 inches by 9.4 inches by 9.8 inches and weighs only 0.32 ounces making it a flexible option for paddling.

AIRHEAD Kayak Paddle

The AIRHEAD kayak paddle comes with a curved blade and measures 84 inches, making it an excellent pick for both experienced and beginner kayakers. Furthermore, its size makes it a versatile option that can be used for fitness, SUP fishing, and whitewater paddling.

The curved surfaces constructed are essential in adding a friendly paddling efficiency.

It’s a 7-foot kayak paddle that can be broken down into two parts for secure storage on a car or backpack. It measures 2 x 8.5 x 49.5 inches and weighs just 3 pounds. Additionally, you can easily regulate the blade angle for offset or standard paddling.

The durable and lightweight aluminum shaft features drip rings, and the paddle has foam hand grips to ensure that the kayak paddle floats when dropped on water and comfort.

Bending Branches Snap-Button Recreational Whisper 2-piece Kayak Paddle 

Available in different lengths, this paddle offers blades that feature an asymmetrical design. This helps in providing proper maneuverability and good bite in the water. The shaft features a dual tape system in centimeters and inches to assist you free all trapped hooks.

Furthermore, the shaft has an ergonomic size and comes with oval grips for proper grip while paddling. Bending branches have fiberglass-reinforced blades that provide adequate weight balance and durability. This helps you perform a soft paddling with reduced fatigue when performing a cumbersome task.

This fantastic paddle can easily be separated into two separate pieces for secure storage and compact travel. The whisper features a snug-fitting snap-button with three holes that can be adjusted for feathering angles.

Many users have fallen in love with this fantastic paddle as it’s designed with a flutter-free stroke to allow you to pull on water smoothly, no matter your level of skill.

Propel Paddle SLPG52250

If you want a compact paddle that’s a great pick while on a fixed budget, then this Propel paddle is your best pick. It’s a durable telescoping paddle with an aluminum shaft that can be adjusted. Simply twist to unlock and lock it.

Additionally, the Propel paddle comes with high-impact molded blades, while the handles are easy to grip. You don’t have to worry about wear and tear. The materials used are corrosion-resistant, promising to serve you for an extended period.

This Propel paddle measures 6.2 x 1.3 x 2.1 inches, and it weighs only 14.4 ounces. That means this kayak paddle is portable and can be carried on a backpack or a car or all-sea recreation. It has an attractive design making it an excellent pick for all sea adventures.

Things to Consider Before Buying KAYAK PADDLES

To find a good pair of best kayak paddles, you must follow some crucial recommendations. 

1. Shovel Length

The length of your kayak paddle should match your size. Keep in mind that these paddles are usually between 210 and 260 cm long, so to find the ones recommended for you, you should first look at your weight, pedaling style, and the width of your kayak.

2. The Width of Your Kayak

This can sometimes be a little confusing and difficult to define by the user at the time of purchase, especially when we are not so skilled or are just starting in the sport. You need a different kayak for each specific activity. 

  • Recreational kayaking

This variety is usually between 66 and 76 cm wide, with a rather short shape in terms of length, but with a right width.

  • Competition kayak

These models are regularly 48 to 55 cm wide, so you will usually find long and quite thin kayaks, designed to offer greater speed and faster turns to the user. However, they require skill to be mounted properly.

  • White Water Kayaking

In this variety, the most important thing to consider is the height of the person using the kayak.

  • Tour Kayak

Varying between 55 and 64 cm wide, these typically resemble competition kayaks. The big difference is that tour kayaks have a full width to offer more storage capacity.

3. The Length of Your Torso and Your Physical Condition

Another essential aspect to take into account before choosing kayak paddles is the length of the torso. To make this measurement, simply sit upright on a chair and measure from between your legs to the tip of your nose.

4. Your Paddling Style

The type of kayak paddles varies depending on each person’s paddling style, so think through how you paddle or what you want to achieve. From there, you can choose types of paddles.

5. Sheet Materials

The materials have a direct correlation to the weight of the paddle, its strength, and the green color of the kayak paddles. Consider them to find the best value for money. The different types of materials include:

  • Fiberglass

This material offers good hardness and semi-light weight. They are the preferred kayak paddles of recreational users. Most kayak rental outlets offer fiberglass paddles.

  • Carbon Fiber 

These are complete models, made to last even in the roughest of conditions. They are also ultra-light. This is why they are right in the range of high-end kayak paddles – with high prices to match. Carbon fiber paddles are generally the choice of professionals and those dedicated to the sport.

  • Nylon, Plastic, or Aluminum

These materials make paddles less expensive, without compromising on weight or integrity. They also require little maintenance, so they are the best option for those who don’t want to spend too much money.

6. Sheet Shape

There is a trend towards asymmetric dihedral design blades, as they allow the user to exert less energy and therefore cause less fatigue. They work as an airplane wing, allowing water to flow smoothly on both sides of the blade.

7. The Blade Handle

This will depend directly on your comfort and shoveling style. They include:

  • Straight Handle

These models are designed for more adventurous and expert sportsmen and women, as they give more flexibility to handle the blades in different situations.

  • Curved Handle

These are mostly used in recreational kayaks, as the angles reduce pressure on the wrists and relieve the hands. 


  • What’s the Best Kayak Paddle?

No kayak paddle is better than the other. It all depends on the user’s preferences and style. Although carbon-fiber models are superior in resistance and weight, it is also true that, at least for the price, some aluminum or synthetic compounds are better for beginners.

That said, the best ones should simply be comfortable for your paddling style. They should be light and matched to your physical condition: height, weight, and strength. Choose the ideal paddle from my comparison list.

  • What Makes a Good Kayak Paddle?

The ideal paddle is of little weight, and whose spoons are rigid so that they do not vibrate or bend when paddling. These features are primarily provided by carbon fiberglass or carbon pole paddles. Nylon spoons with fiberglass, fiberglass, or carbon fiber are also advisable.

It is worth investing a little more in the paddle than in other static elements of the kayak. Acquire a light model and with an excellent rigidity of spoons. 

  • What Size Kayak Paddle Should I Get?

If you want an excellent kayaking experience on the waters, you must strive to get the right paddle size. Using a paddle without inappropriate size will quickly lead to exhaustion. You won’t enjoy the sport.

To get the right paddle size, you have to measure the kayak’s width and height. Knowing that pair of measurements, you can, therefore, choose the blades. It’s recommended to select sizes between 210 cm and 260 cm.

  • What is the Best Kayak Paddle for a Beginner?

As a beginner in the kayaking profession, you can easily get confused on the right paddle to choose from the already flooded market. 

I don’t want you to be overwhelmed. That’s why I advise you to choose from the choices I’ve reviewed in this post. Some of the factors to consider when choosing your kayak paddle are:

  1. Weight of the paddle
  2. Your height and the width of the kayak
  3. Shaft material and design
  4. Feather angle
  • What Happens When You Use Too Long of a Paddle for Kayaking?

Always buy the best kayak paddle of the right length. Paddling with the wrong height or paddle length means you’ll end up working harder and using more energy to gain speed and stay on the right track. 

If your paddle length is not correct, you’ll strain to move your hand along the shaft, which may cause blisters. 

  • What Size Paddle Do I Need for a 10-Foot Kayak?

When deciding on the kayak paddle length to buy, you should consider factors such as your height and your kayak’s width. For a 10-foot kayak width, you should find a paddle with a length between 200cm and 220cm.

A 230cm paddle is the most popular length for average height paddlers who use a relaxed style of paddling and whose strokes are at a low angle to the water surface.

  • What Size Kayak Paddle do I Need in Inches?

It’s important to note that kayak paddles are measured in cm, not in inches. For the sake of this question, the best kayak size for kayakers with an average height and size is 90.5 inches.

However, for more aggressive kayakers, the ideal size would be between 86.6 and 82.7 inches.

  • What Size Kayak Do I Need for my Height?

To identify the right size kayak for you, you need first to determine your height. For instance, people over 6′ should try a 14-foot sea kayak or 12-foot recreational kayak.

The three things that determine the kayak size you should have are your feet, leg length, and height.

  • Do Kayak Paddles Float?

Yes, kayak paddles can float. However, they come in various types and the degree of flotation varies from one form to another. Surprisingly, some might even sink.

  • Why are Kayak Paddles Twisted?

When you encounter strong winds, you need to lift your paddle out of the water to counter it. Most kayak paddle blades are asymmetrically arranged. The reason they are twisted is to reduce wind resistance.

  • What is the Difference Between a Straight and Bent Shaft Paddle? 

A paddle with a straight shaft runs alongside the canoe. Water is lifted at the end of the stroke, slowing it down. 

A paddle with a bent shaft runs partly under the kayak and pushes the water back when stroking, which increases the canoe speed.


With all the above, the ideal would be a paddle of little weight and whose spoons are rigid so that they do not vibrate or bend when shoveling.

These features are primarily provided by carbon fiberglass or carbon pole paddles and at least nylon spoons with fiberglass, or carbon fiber.

It is worth investing a little more in the paddle than in other static elements of the kayak and acquiring a light model and with an excellent rigidity of the spoons.