Best Kids Kayak of 2021

Kayaking dominates the water sports industry and is a popular option among different groups of sports enthusiasts. It is fun and relaxing and a fabulous way to get your children out of the digital screens! Purchasing the best kayak for kids for the first time is usually a scary companion. 

With entirely different models adapted to the size, style, weight capacity, and options, it’s hard to figure out where to start. You can indeed buy a kayak that is beyond your means. I made this mistake and struggled for almost two years and almost lost hope until selling that kayak and getting a more forgiving one for my kids. 

My experience has changed, and I began to enjoy kayaking. With all of the experience, today, I will describe the right kayak for your kids. Let’s check out.

7 Best Kayaks for Kids Reviews

Kayaks are designed for different purposes and to meet the needs of people from different category. Considering all the senses, finding kayak for kids will not be an easy task. But the following reviews will turn the process into a real easy thing!

Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak

We think everybody deserves to survive a day in the water, girded by the awe of nature, regardless of whether he or she travels alone or spends time with those who love most. 

Thanks to this kayak’s exceptional care to the least feature and innovative technology, navigation has become more accessible than ever. With a lightweight, folding kayaks can include kayaking on any lifestyle. 

Is there a tow hook for the boat? No, just put your boat in the back of your car. Do you live in a city or you don’t have parking – not a matter, just keep the kayak in the cabinet or under the bed until nature calls you next time. Wherever you are, Oru Kayak is ready to go a long way. 

The beauty of this beginner kayak is that it fits on the trunk of a car. It is also suitable for the boot, even with three folding outside seats! If it seems pricey, use it and feel the experience. You will really like it and love it to take it with you into the water. It is recommended to anyone who appreciates fresh air and exercise.

Things We Liked:

  • Having rust-resistant and custom polypropylene hardware.
  • An excellent option for beginners. 
  • Ultralight features ease your outdoor kayaking.
  • Ten years of UV protection along with 20000 folds.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • A little bit difficult to assemble and break down.

Intex Challenger Kayak Series

The quality of this child kayak is better than I expected. You will feel peace of mind when using it, maintenance is also simple and finally, the repair is also straightforward if you have any defects in your kayaks. 

Collapsible paddles will be more than enough for you. It is easy to concentrate, and they won’t cut your body. They even felt great in the water. 

Weight is about 20 kg and fits in a bag! Tapping and organization of the kayak are very easy and fast. The Boston cap also makes pumping easier since there is only one way to supply air, so you don’t have to rush to close the lid for fear of air leaks. 

However, the SKEG remains in the right place. An inflatable seat, as many have said, feels rather high when the bottom is also inflated. Therefore, you can accept the advice of others and blow up only the back of the chair. 

It is absolutely cozy and comfortable. This inflatable kayak is one of the best ideal for sailing speeds. Once you decide, go very fast and get started.

Things We Liked:

  • Composed of puncture-resistant vinyl. 
  • Having two different air chambers. 
  • The inflatable I beam provides rigidity. 
  • The Boston valves help in quick deflation and inflation.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The carrying bag of the boat is not good enough.

Pelican Solo 6 Feet Sit-on-top Youth Kayak

This Pelican Solo is an extremely functional 6-foot kayak, ideal for small rowers. This sit on top kayak integrated with a double tunnel casing, is easy to handle and provides excellent balance. 

It indicates more protection for children and less concern for parents. This best youth kayak has anatomical running boards and seats, a safety flag, a flask, and a cup holder. Also, the rear platform with swimming handles makes it easy to get up again.

With a high impact material RAM-XS, the self-rescuer is designed for endless fun in the lake. The children’s paddle and a safety flag make them ready to go into the water. 

The manufacturer, Pelican has been working hard for a few years to ensure that there are no defects in their products. Therefore, they will repair or replace the hull within two years from the purchase date due to poor stuff or construction.

Things We Liked:

  • Manifold footrests can work for children of different sizes. 
  • Perfect for riding the waves. 
  • The kid can play in the water with the swim-up deck. 
  • Water can drain away quickly through a scupper hole.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • A few complaints regarding paddle quality.

Old Town Heron Junior Kids Kayak

Meant for children, the Old Town Kayak features an ultra-light, single-layer polyethylene hull that is flexible and versatile for a little kayaker. The seat pillow has designed for the child’s body and provides additional comfort and control during the day of water entertainment. 

Heron Junior, with a lightweight foam core, an open cockpit is extremely stable and easy to use. Fore and aft handles make it easy to transport this kayak to and from the water.

When the small hands get tired of rowing and grabbing, the innovative TAT (Tag Along with Tow) system makes it easy to haul a kayak ashore when needed. This kayak has a significant carrying capacity of 115 pounds and a limited warranty on its life. Shovel sold separately.

The Old Town is one of the largest and oldest producers of canoes and kayaks in the world. It offers best products and this kayak is not an exception. You can often use this kayak in a rather powerful tornado, or only if tired hands could no longer to stand in line. Expert outdoor enthusiasts highly recommended it!

Things We Liked:

  • Ultra-light polyethylene paddle is easy to control. 
  • The kayak fits the body of a child.
  • Easy to carry and use. 
  • Seats offer comfortable experience.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The fabric of the kayak is not up to mark.

Perception Hi Five Sit on Top Kids Kayak

Following the award-winning Hi-Life 11.0 design, Hi-Five takes full advantage of the renowned Hi-Life but reduces them to children’s ideal size. It is the best water kayak for children with unique features such as a swimming platform, large footprint, paddle holder, comfortable handles, and two holes for Solo Mount accessories.

It is an ideal small boat for lakes, ponds, and calm coastal waters. With a smartly designed room for growth, Hi-Five will give you years of pleasure while it grows with the kayak. 

In fact, Hi-Five comes with a suitable kayak paddle for children. Of course, you can try out what other companies render for $ 150. But you may find them unstable and severe to shake in just one season. 

Buy correctly or buy twice! This is the first high-performance hybrid kayak explicitly designed for children. So, don’t wait anymore.

Things We Liked:

  • Carrying capacity up to 130 lbs. 
  • Easy to handle. 
  • Reliable and robust frame material. 
  • Ensure safety for your children.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The gear sometimes becomes hard to operate.

Youth Wave Kayak (With Paddle)

‘Lifetime youth Kayak’ has specially introduced for children and, therefore, an ideal option for the best kayak for kids. The full stand provides a stable rowing platform to keep your child safe on kayaks. 

Thanks to back tilt and swimming, the rider can quickly re-enter the kayak. Wave with scrapers, several running boards, and excellent stability is ideal for children on fun kayaks.

Children of 5 years and older can go on a cruise in their boat if they weigh 130 pounds or less. They will be able to enjoy this kayak for many years before overcoming it, and they will likely surpass the kayak before you have to replace it!

Strength is another priority when choosing a new kayak. The addition of high-density polyethylene promotes a combination of durability and power with a lightweight coating that is easy to move for children. This material also lessens the chance of peeling and cracking.

Things We Liked:

  • You will find it in different colors. 
  • Easy to operate. 
  • Contain solid materials. 
  • Perfect for surf kayaking and tracking.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • A few users complain about the free paddle.

Greensen Inflatable Boat for Adults Kids

Greensen is a new brand in the kid’s kayak industry. The fascinating outlook and reliable structure will force you to look at it for once. So, it would be best if you didn’t miss this gift for your kid.

This inflatable boat is durable with a 180 kg or 396 pounds capacity, fit for one person. If your kid is a bit fatter, you need not think about it. However, the inflatable design makes it easy to fold this boat. So, it can be convenient for storage area and transportation. 

Maybe you are thinking about the construction material? This inflatable boat has come out with high-quality PVC material, which is pressure-resistant and stable. In fact, you can use this boat for many years without any hesitation.

Also, the two-valve design is suitable for quick inflation and deflation. If you have problems with this boat, do not hesitate to contact the company, they will do their best to solve your problem. A must-mention thing is that this is one of the cheapest kids kayaks.

Things We Liked:

  • The heavy-duty feature can hold up to 396 lbs.
  • Easy to fold and carry. 
  • Contain high-quality PVC material. 
  • Double valve enable fast inflation or deflation.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The construction materials are not sturdy.

What to Look for Before Buying a Kayak for Kids?

Usually, the most suitable kayak for children is also the best choice for a beginner – the demands of both groups are similar. There are specific criteria and conditions that you need to prioritize both for children and the early stages of your kayaking, including your boat so that everyone can safely be on board.


Maintaining a stable kayak can be confusing and even more difficult if you have limited or no knowledge! make sure that you pick a kayak with a more significant center and with primary and secondary stability. However, it allows children to converge on other kayaking features, such as rowing, balancing, and driving, as well as fun!


For most children, the length of the kayak should be 6 feet to 8 feet long. In fact, it is a perfect size because it is large enough to be strong and not upside down. But short enough so that the kid can handle the boat and oar effectively.


The mass of your child and the weight of a kayak are two things to keep in mind. The massive the kayak, the more challenging it is to move the kayak. Therefore, ensure that you have enough light kayaks for your children so that they can control easily and enjoy kayaking.

Sit inside or Sit on Top

In general, sitting on top kayaks is the best choice when choosing a child kayak. They have an accessible cockpit, providing more movement and space. It also ensures that anyone who falls into the sea can quickly return to the boat. 

Moreover, it means there is no risk of being caught or caught if the kayaker falls into the sea. Youth sit in kayak also offers a freer feel, which can be more attractive and less confining for those who are still used to feel like in a kayak.


The best kayaks also have a lot of flexibility and movement. Also, it offers flexible seats for different body sizes and heights. Spaces and feet braces are also relevant. 

Children have legs of different heights, and they require separate spaces. The most suitable kayak will be the one that offers mobility and can grow with your children as they grow and change.


Strict monitoring is another crucial factor of any kayak, especially in the case of a newcomer. In fact, it leads to keeping your kayak upright while traveling, and there is one thing a sailor needs to worry. Proper monitoring keeps your adventure safe and comfortable.

Storage Capacities

The ability to store your personal belongings is essential on any boat, especially for the best youth kayak, where you will keep most likely need accessories and snacks. Also, it would help if you had a storage space to store critical equipment, such as life jackets. Please ensure that there are several options for storing the items you require and that they are waterproof and safe in any water.

Longevity and Durability  

It is essential to ensure the durability and resistance of the kayak to the elements. Ensure that it can combat salt, weather, and wind. Also, it protects against ultraviolet radiation that prevents the fading from the sun.

Smooth Movement

Moving your kayak from one place to another is another priority, and you can easily carry the best kayak with you when you need it. Pick a lightweight material to confirm the kayak itself does not bother you. 

Final Verdict

There are many criteria, which are very difficult to identify. Firstly, there are the types of kayaks you are going to pick. If you are in white water, the top kayak will be very different from the ocean or lake. 

However, your first purchase of a kayak should not go forward! There are many kayaks with a simple learning curve and entry-level, which is worth it for beginners. In the meantime, I discussed a few of them with the best quality.

Moreover, beginner-friendly or best kayak for kids does not mean poor quality! These kayaks are best for kids; also, they might work for beginners or youngsters. You can pick the right one from the reviews above and you will never regret. Happy kayaking!