Best Modular Kayaks of 2021

Over the years, as more people develop an interest in kayaking, an increasing number of individuals are paying enhanced attention to modular kayaks. Due to computerized technology, some of the best modular kayak designs we see today offer superior performance to traditional kayaks.

Many companies manufacture modular kayaks, utilizing various styles, colors, designs and specifications. Significant improvements in aspects such as speed and stability as also a key selling point. Our modular kayak reviews will shed more insight onto the finest options available for purchase in 2020.

Top 5 Modular Kayak Reviews

Advanced Elements Kayak 

This is a one-person, closed kayak. It’s a very popular kayak among anglers in the US. At first glance, the advanced frame comes with a carry bag. Despite the weight of the kayak at 16kg, the carry bag has no straps for you to carry the boat on your shoulders. This makes it somewhat uncomfortable to carry.  

This kayak features seven chambers, which is a greater number of partitions than many competitors. These different chambers will help keep you safe, providing ample time to get back to land and mend the boat following accidental damage. 

This kayak’s adjustable seat isn’t high, but it provides enough comfort, especially when coupled with the soft seating. The kayak is quite stable on the water with excellent maneuverability and is an excellent choice for beginners. With its design, this kayak is able to reach high speeds on the water up to 6km/hr.

Point 65 N GTX

Weighing in at 77lb, and a capacity of 240kg, the Tequila GTX carries a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. It boasts ample seating and plenty of leg space for long hours on the water soaking up the sun. The kayak easily disassembles into the nose and tail, and reassembles equally quickly.

If you’re kayaking with the kids, you won’t need to worry about the extra work. The kayak is extremely fast but lightweight and is one of the best sit on top modular kayaks available. The back section is adjustable and the modular sit is comfortable which allows you to sit back and relax after paddling or fishing for multiple hours. 

This kayak has a flexible design that’s excellent for casual anglers. Unless your car is really small with limited storage, this kayak will fit in perfectly. There is no need to worry about transporting it. Even though this isn’t the best kayak for white water activities, it is great for fishing – the kayak even comes packaged with rod holders that’ll help you manage your catch.

Point 65 N Tequila

If you’re looking for a stable kayak that provides excellent performance, this award-winning tandem kayak is the best option for you. This kayak is high performance and glides on the water at rapid speeds. The design is also easy to break apart and put together. 

Once it’s separated, this kayak will easily fit into very small places. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about storage options. The kayak can be transformed into a single person or a tandem kayak quite easily. You can quickly attach many mid-sections to your kayak and have a full-blown party on the water. 

Being a safe and strong kayak, you don’t need to worry about stability on the water. This boat is incredibly lightweight which is easy to carry and fast, with a tracking keel that ensures you’re paddling straight through the water. The adjustable backrest is positively comfortable, and the kayak itself features a cup holder and multiple footrests.

Snap Kayaks USA

Manufactured in the US, this sit on top kayak promises high performance and can be used by a single angler or in tandem. Like other modern design kayaks, this model is quite easy to disassemble and assemble, making transportation manageable. 

The kayak is designed with three sections. At full length, it measures 1.5feet. The kayak comes with a paddle pack, bottle holders for your cold drinks, and a carry handle. If you require separate storage space, you can easily split up the storage compartments. 

The kayak has great waterline length, which makes it a little harder to manage and maneuver if the waters are rough due to its length. However, one positive of the longer water line is that it aids the boat in moving faster. The kayak has a broader midsection, which adds stability. This kayak is best for calm waters and shouldn’t be used in rough seas.   

POINT 65° N Martini

The Martini GTX solo fishing kayak is a versatile product. It is a unique sit-in fishing kayak that’s designed with a flat shaped hull. It is an excellent fishing kayak for both beginner and intermediate kayakers, and its stability is an excellent confidence booster. 

Even though the kayak is mainly designed for fishing, you can use it for recreation as it’s comfortable sitting with a backrest that will prevent unnecessary aches and pains after fishing. The boat comes with a weight capacity of 265lbs, and you should be careful not to surpass the limit when loading equipment. 

The GTX Solo fishing kayak comes in two sections. The deck has mounts for adding rod holders or other equipment that you may need. The boat has a spacious cockpit with plenty of leg room, allowing you to get in and out of the boat quickly.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Modular Kayak

Top Modular kayaks are designed to allow the user to take it apart and assemble it easily. You will not need any special tools to perform this separation. 

One of the advantages of a modular kayak is that the sections allow the vessel to be assembled into a single person kayak or a kayak for multiple users. 

In most cases, any modular kayak that you purchase will come with two pieces, but you can buy as many midsections as you’d like to elongate your vessel and make room for other people. Here is what you should consider when purchasing a modular kayak. 

  • The width and length of the kayak

If you’d like a modular kayak that is very fast, you should consider purchasing one that’s long and narrow. The kayak’s length and width determines the kayak speed and how easy it is to maneuver. A broader model will provide excellent stability on the water and superior turning angles. 

Shorter modular kayaks work best for beginners who are looking for control and stability. Modular kayaks can also be used as recreational vessels. If the reason why you’d like to buy one is so that it can help you explore above-water caves, it’s best to buy a modular kayak that has a length of 8-15 feet. 

This length of the kayak is best to use on calm waters like slow rivers, creeks, and small lakes. For touring large waves, big rivers and bigger lakes, it’s best to go for a kayak that’s between 14-18 feet. 

  • The weight limit

Before you go ahead and buy a modular kayak, you should check its weight capacity. Your total weight and the weight of the equipment you’re carrying shouldn’t exceed the capacity of the vessel. When this happens, you might be able to get the kayak into the water, but you may not be able to move as it should. 

  • The material of the kayak

Any kayak you purchase should be made of durable material. Modular kayak material should be able to withstand fading and harsh UV rays. A kayak that’s made of low-quality material won’t last long. It will be prone to damage and may fade fast. 

Some of the modular kayaks are made of plastic. These kayaks are watertight, less prone to damage, and have a longer shelf life. However, one downside to plastic is that it can warp easily when temperatures are on the higher side. It’s also much harder to repair than other materials. 

Kayaks made of softshell are the least common. They are made of a cloth-like material which allows them to maneuver easily. Such modular kayaks are an excellent choice for children as they are resistant to tears and abrasions.

  • The type of hull

When it comes to the stability of your modular kayak, one factors that will influence how well your vessel holds on the water is its length. The other is the design of the hull. The hull design determines the stability of the boat when you’re getting into the water. 

A hull that’s round will help you to increase your speed and move much faster, and it’ll also add stability to the vessel. On the other hand, V-shaped hulls don’t provide sufficient stability when you’re getting into the vessel. In contrast though, the stability they provide out on the water is excellent. 

If you’re a beginner, you should choose a kayak with a flat shaped hull. This will provide excellent stability and maneuverability. If you’re looking for a modular kayak for recreational kayaking, a flat hull will suit your needs. 

Pros of using a modular kayak

  • Easy transportation
  • Cost-saving, as you won’t need to purchase tandem and solo kayaks separately
  • Comfortable accommodation of additional sections for paddlers
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to carry and transport since they can be pulled apart. 

Cons of using a modular kayak

  • Can undergo excessive friction, causing wear and tear
  • Costlier than traditional kayaks

Safety measures to consider when using modular kayaks

Understandably, after planning a kayaking trip, you’ll be keen to get to the water, load up your gear and equipment and start paddling. However, to ensure that you’ll be safe while recreational kayaking or fishing, there are some steps you should observe for your own safety. 

Let’s look at some of them below. 

  1. Wear appropriate clothing that fits the weather conditions
  2. Always carry a life-jacket and ensure that all your paddlers have one
  3. Before you get on the water, ensure that your kayak is in good condition and that your paddles aren’t broken
  4. In case you get into an accident, carry devices that can be used to signal for help – such as flares – and a first aid kit to rapidly treat any wounds
  5. Don’t go sea kayaking unless you’re sure about the area you’ll be visiting. Ensure you’re dressed appropriately for cold water to avoid hypothermia
  6. Avoid solo deep-sea adventures
  7. Always carry a compass or map with you
  8. Maintain visiblity to other kayakers or larger vessels to avoid accidents on the water
  9. Never exceed the weight limit of your boat
  10. Always carry an extra paddle just in case you break or lose one
  11. Always have a whistle on your person. It’ll help you to signal for help if you run into trouble
  12. Ensure that you are visible on the water. Wear bright colored clothing or a reflective jacket 


When you’d like to spend extra time with your family when kayaking, a modular kayak will come in handy. You can add additional sections to accommodate additional paddlers or children.

Additionally, if you’ve been fishing and find that you never have enough space to store your equipment and tools, a modular kayak can solve this problem.

A common concern for ardent anglers have is how to transport their kayaks. 

When it comes to modular kayaks, transportation isn’t a big deal. The kayak can be separated into different parts for easy transportation. With modular kayaks being so easy to transport and efficient, it’s no wonder that many kayakers prefer them to more traditional alternatives. 

Buying a modular kayak is a no-brainer, as they’re sure to save you a lot of time and energy. I hope that these reviews have helped you settle upon the perfect model for you. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s certain to be a modular kayak that meets your needs perfectly.