kayaking with dog

How to Go Kayaking With Your Dog

Do you own a dog? So you should definitely think about kayaking with your beloved dog. It’s not like a normal trip. It will be really disappointing for you if you can’t take your dog along with you while kayaking. … Read more

kayak storage

Kayak Storage Guide for 2021

You know the hardshell kayak offers more space compared to its inflatable counterparts. And it is really a great benefit for sure. However, it is tough to store to a hardshell kayak as it is large enough. However, here we … Read more

tie down a kayak

How to Tie Down a Kayak

It is one of the most crucial things to tie down your kayak before you step into the waterways and when you step out of the water. It not only makes sure your safety while kayaking but it also ensures … Read more

paint a kayak

How to Paint a Kayak?

Of course, you always want to keep your kayak with a good appearance. For this reason, you need to paint your kayak after a certain time and always use new paint. If you are not an expert, then it can … Read more

Canoe vs Kayak

Are you wondering what is the difference between canoe and kayak? Well, then consider yourself lucky that you have landed in the right place. Here we are going to discuss briefly the canoe and kayak. We’ll mainly focus on their … Read more

What Are Scupper Plugs?

If you do own a kayak with the sit over the top, then you may know what the scupper plug is. The sit-on-top kayak comes with the scupper holes where the scupper plugs are inserted. Basically, the scupper holes are … Read more

kayak cart

How To Use A Kayak Cart

A kayak cart is a crucial component for easy transportation. It helps to get off the kayak from your car to the waterways and vice versa. So surely it’s worth getting one. And you need to know how to use … Read more