How Does the Effect of Alcohol while Boating Compare to Its Effect while on Land?

Nowadays, besides driving a car, partying or drinking, boating or kayaking also has taken the place of recreational activity. Most of the people now have fun with sailing into the river. But unfortunately, sometimes, a boating accident occurs and makes the life of any person risky.

The main reason behind this accident is alcohol, and almost half of boating accidents happen due to drinking too much alcohol. Usually, drinking alcohol is safe on land rather than on a boat.  Here you will know detail about how does the effect of alcohol while boating compare to its effect while on land. Have a look.

How Does the Effect of Alcohol while Boating?

Let’s know some fundamental reasons of much unexpected effects of drinking alcohol while boating.

  • On the boat, a person cannot become aware of the tides, currents, and other things. Because they are invisible under the sea.
  • There are no roads or lines on the water to aware boatmen about their way.
  • On boat journey, a person remains under the heat of the sun for a more extended period.
  • On the boat, the boater only is in charge of operating the boat without any helper.

In such a situation, if a man drinks too much alcohol while boating, it is reasonable to get severely affected by it and caused an accident.

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How Too Much Alcohol Does Affect a Person?

Alcohol has some worst effects on your body:

  • Alcohol slows down your bodily functions and makes you sluggish and sleepy.
  • It also slows down your decision capability and takes more time to react from the ear, eye, or other senses.
  • It also destroys night vision capability. The boaters who go for the night journey can face danger.
  • Alcohol also is the reason for hypothermia.

Effect on the brain and mind:

  • Alcohol also reduces inhibition. You will lose the ability to think consciously.
  • It also hampers your memory, focus, perception, and judgment ability.
  • Sometimes alcohol also triggers the emotion of a person that lets him perform any risky action.
  • They also overestimate their knowledge, which is dangerous.

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Alcohol Effect on the Boaters

So, when alcohol causes all these physical, mental, and cognitive changes in the body, brain and mind, it will be more dangerous for kayakers on the water. Because, at that time, they keep themselves busy in operating kayaks.

So, as they lose the healthy sense, that increases the risk of injury for them. The kayakers start to operate the boat restlessly, so they may fall off the boat into the water, and they may be drowned.

Maintaining balance is critical on the boat. So, it will also be tough for a person to drink alcohol and to maintain proper balance. Moreover, a kayaker usually remains under the sun; drinking alcohol increases the chance for dehydration that results in intoxication.

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The Comparison between Drinking Alcohol on the Boat and Land

The U.S. Coast Guard says boats put more stress on the body than vehicles on land. The reasons are rocking motions, vibrations, engine noise, wind, and spray all affect your coordination and reaction time.

Be aware that drinking while boating does not increase the BAC or blood-alcohol content than drinking on road. But you will feel like a drunker that can significantly affect your reaction time and judgment.

However, alcohol is not too dangerous for car drivers. But it can do severe harm to kayakers. That’s because recreation boat operators are often less confident and less comfortable in the seawater than on any of the roads. The kayakers don’t have the chance to drive a kayak daily, but the drivers have that chance.

Wrap Up

Overall, it is obvious that if you want to go boating, then avoid drinking. And if you’re going to drink, then don’t go for boating.