How to Set Up a Fishing Pole – The Ultimate Guide

Before setting up a fishing pole you must have to know the process of how to set up a fishing pole. Although it is a bit tricky to set up the fishing rod, you can simply do this with the following guides. Here we are going to make a comprehensive guide on how to prepare a fishing rod step-by-step.

It may be tough to do if you are trying for the first time. However, with the fishing pole set up as a beginner’s guide, you will be considered as a watery task to you. So let’s have a closure look at this useful guide.

The Step by Step Guide

Step-1: Select and collect configuration tools

First of all, you need to choose the appropriate gear before getting started to set up the fishing pole. You may know that the different poles are perfect for certain situations and levels of difficulty. However, there are different types of rod, you can select a spinning rod, a fishing rod, a fly fishing rod and reel or something like that. However, there are a variety of lines out there, for instance, braided, fluorocarbon, and monofilament. You just need to choose one depending on your needs. Different type of fish needs different rod and reel.

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Step-2: Prepare your fishing pole and the reel

Before assembling the fishing pole, you must identify all the parts properly. Well, you may know the ferrule that connects the poles that are supplied in several parts. Apart from that, it attaches handles as well as the butt section, and others.

Then remove all the dirt and debris from the fishing line to make it clean. You may use soft paper to clean the female ferrule. If you keep the pole clean, then it will last longer.

Well, now fetch the male and female ferrule together. And then you need to lock the pole. In this case, you can rotate the male piece and hold the other one.

The female opening is placed at the base where you need to hold the reel. You also need to place the spindle safely on the reel seat. This is a reel seat where the shaft must be used safely. Then insert the roll holder on the reel butt and turn it to firmly connect the two parts. Overtightening can cause damage to the pole. So do not do that anyway.

Step-3: Put the fishing line on the pole

Take up the silver top of the spindle. Then take hold of the edge of the twist. And the rope will be unfolded. However, you need to make sure that the reel of the line uncoils towards the reel.

When you’ve drawn enough string, run it through the guides of the pole. You can get started with the guide which is close to the spool, and then twist it to the peak. Once you have placed the twist securely on the pole, the bale arm should be closed. You can simply do this by turning it in the reverse direction like you did at the opening. You may test the reel with a small line to make sure that it works properly. If it doesn’t work, you have to restart the process from the beginning.

Step-4: Choose the appropriate lure

You should choose the right color based on the weather conditions. Silver lures work best on sunny days since it reflects light to attract the fish. In contrast, a golden bait works well in cloudy days due to its reflective properties that give off light on the cold season.

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You need to opt with the best-suited color according to the conditions of the weather. Choose the silver colored baits as it works best on the sunny days. In fact, it can easily attract the fish with the reflection of light.

On the other hand, you should choose golden colored enticement for the cloudy day. Because it can attract the fish with ease thanks to its reflective properties that emit light.  

After choosing the color, you have to select the type of bait to use. Actually, you need to select the right baits depending on the weather conditions and the targeted species that you want to catch.

You should choose the jigs as a lure for fishing in freshwater. However, opt with the spoon lure if you want to catch the large fish that feeds small species.

The spinner baits would be the best if you are confused to choose. Because the spinner baits are versatile, so it will work for a variety of species. More specifically, the spinning enticement will work the best in places where it is tough to catch fish.

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The cleanliness of the water is also a consideration while choosing the appropriate type of bait. Choose the baits like spoon or spinner that produce vibration to catch fish in the slimy water. In contrast, choose the bait that produces minimal vibration for the crystal clear water.

Step-5: Attach the baits to the pole

Once you have picked the certain lure, you need to connect it to the pole. Then tie down the line around the bait. And then tighten the line securely to prevent losing your bait.

Then you have to put the free end of the thread back to make sure that it is below the line. And take on the top of the thread and draw it towards the lure and carry it on.

Tighten the knot by drawing the top of the line to prepare the pole. You must need to tighten the knot and cut the excess line off. You should also moisten the line so that it can easily wind down the knot perfectly. Finally, wet your fingers with water to run it through the line. Then your pole will be prepared to use.


A right pole is must-have equipment for fishing whether you are an expert or a beginner. So you must know how to set up a fishing pole. The steps we’ve explained above will help you to set it yourself. It is important to select the correct bar type before installing it. Then you will be able to do the rest with ease by maintaining the above guides. With a prepared fishing pole, you can catch the fish with joy.