How to Tie Down a Kayak

It is one of the most crucial things to tie down your kayak before you step into the waterways and when you step out of the water. It not only makes sure your safety while kayaking but it also ensures the safety of others on the path. In fact, the proper tie-down of your kayak is a must for safe and reliable transportation. If you would like to learn how to tie down a kayak, then read through the article carefully.

The right approach of tieing down a kayak that you should follow.

First of all, you need to collect tie-down straps for tying your kayak down properly. The straps should be 8” long at least and end of the strap you have to tie down tightly. You can purchase them from your nearest sports outlet or hardware stores. You also can order them online. 

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However, you can follow the following guidelines to tie your kayak down.

  • When it comes to talking about tying down a kayak onto, first you’ll need to make sure that your kayak is positioned perfectly with the balance point. You also need to ensure that it is positioned perfectly within the roof racks. It may vary with the different types of kayaks.
  • Place your kayak unto you so that it rests on the outer stringer as well as the keel.
  • Now, place the cam straps beneath the pole on both sides of the kayak. 
  • Cover both the cam end as well as the slack end of the kayak, and position it unto you. Then you need to cover the deck your kayak with the straps.
  • Bring the cam over the top of the gunwale. Then you will get enough to relax.
  • Run the loose end under the pole along with the cam from the bottom up and hold it down. Don’t push anymore.
  • Repeat steps 3 through 6 as you follow your second bar. Once you have put on the two straps, tighten them.
  • Hold the straps tight. Once you have moved your kayak from side to side or from top to bottom, your car should move with speed.
  • You should not use the ratchet straps. It is not so easy to tighten the cams just with the arm strength. 
  • Link the loose ends to daisies or place them into the doors of your car to avoid fluttering.

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The Overview of This Optimized Guide on Tying Down a Kayak :

If you are very new at tieing down a kayak, then it is better to have some basic knowledge about it. Surely this will help you to tie your kayak with ease. If you are the canoeist, then the bowling alley is the ideal knot to keep the painter and strict lines, especially when pulling. However, it is better to follow the above things to tie down your kayak Properly.


Well, it is really important to tie your kayak down for safe transportation. Hope now you are confident enough to tie your kayak down. Here we have outlined an easy and step by step guide which will help you for sure. If you have any queries, please comment down below.