The Best Kayak Mods: 6 Kayak Modification Ideas

Are you fed up with your regular kayak only with some basic features? When you want to go for an adventure in the water with your tandem kayak or recreation kayak, the very basic features are not enough to offer you an outstanding experience.

Maybe you want a different look to your kayak with some needy features. Whatever the situation it is, here we are to solve your problem.

Most kayaks allow you to modify your kayak according to your choice. There is always room for kayak mods to give a better look to your kayak. Here you will find the best kayak modification ideas with super benefit options for you to take pleasure in adventure with kayaking.

6 Necessary Kayak Mods Ideas

A good list of kayak modification concepts will help you to understand what modification you can add to your kayak and how they will help you. I have found some excellent modifications for your favorite kayaks.

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1. Flush Mount Rod Holder

If you want to turn your kayak into a fishing kayak, you just need a fishing rod holder. Without this, you can’t be able to do fishing. To install this rod holder, you will need a mighty mold that will allow you to mount rod holders.

You can install it more than one in anywhere front or backside of your kayak. Put your fishing rod in there and enjoy fishing in the ocean.

2. Anchor Trolley

Among many kayak modifications, here is another essential modification for your kayak and it can be anchor trolley. It is beneficial to position your kayak wherever you want in the water according to wind conditions and tide movements. You can use it on each side of your kayak for versatility.

It is a massive game-changer for anglers fishing when you are fishing in the winds to gain control and flexibility of your boat.

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3. Fishing Crate

Fishing lovers on kayak can’t ignore the importance of a fishing crate.  That will be a good option for you too to store additional accessories like pliers, scissors, or rod folders.

It’s effortless and cheap to get and easy to install. It will not take a lot of room. You will need a container, some PVC pipes, and some cables to adjust it to your kayak.

4. Trolling Motor

If you want to change your fishing completely, you can try this motor out, putting the trolling engine behind your kayak. You can zoom to places where you would like to go and can-do fishing in certain areas.

Moreover, you need not worry about the padding. You can choose motor from various brands that best suit your kayak or canoe, Watersnake tracker, NV series motors, and many more.

5. Kayak Cart

Kayak Cart is one of the best things in a kayak that most of the kayakers look for. It consists of two wheels and is placed at the bottom of a kayak. It helps you to move your kayak quickly in and out of the water or when you need to carry some extra gear.

Moreover, it extends the life of your kayak. You can find it in any related store, or you can make it by yourself. You will need PVC, hand truck wheels, washers, pool noodles, and some nuts.

6. Kayak Outriggers

If you lose balance on your kayak and want to stabilize your kayak, one easy fix is a pair of outriggers. They will help you keep standing on your boat. So, you can be able to catch fish or do anything relevant easily without any distraction.

Even you can be able to climb back on after swimming. Outriggers are often cylindrical and are attached to poles on either side of the boat. If you want to make your outriggers, you need PVC pipes, couplings to make this.

Wrap Up

You can make your kayak more efficient with some useful modifications. I hope you are enough satisfied with these kayak mods that will turn your beginner kayak into an extraordinary kayak to ease your experience in the water. So, it’s time to upgrade your kayak and go for an adventure!