How to Go Kayaking With Your Dog

Do you own a dog? So you should definitely think about kayaking with your beloved dog. It’s not like a normal trip. It will be really disappointing for you if you can’t take your dog along with you while kayaking. In other words, it would be a pleasure to kayak with your beloved dog. 

Here we are going to make an optimized guide on how to go kayaking with your dog safely. Let’s have a look at the details.

Why do you need to go kayaking with your dog?

There are so many reasons out there to go kayaking with a beloved puppy. Well, let’s see…

Your puppy will feel better

Alright, if you bring your dog with you while kayaking, then your dog will be able to enjoy the fresh air. In fact, it will be really enjoyable for you and your puppy as well if your dog is friendly. So of course, you should go kayaking with your puppy.

You can pass some quality time with your best friend

Surely your puppy is the best friend of you. If you want to pass your leisure time with fun and enjoyment, then you must go kayaking with your puppy. Because it will be a pleasure for both of you and your puppy as well. I can guarantee you that you will enjoy the best while kayaking with your best friend. Also, dogs love fresh air and weather.

The better way to enjoy different weather conditions

Of course, it is a better way to warm up in winter. You and your puppy even can enjoy excellent weather in the summer season. If your puppy love to swim, then you can also enjoy swimming.

Best Kayaks for Dogs

If you want to go kayaking with a dog, then surely you must have to make sure that you choose the right kayaks for dogs. However, you can follow the following tips to choose the top kayak with which you can safely go kayaking:

  • Stability – The kayak should have excellent stability so that your dog can move well. The kayak won’t tilt if it is stable enough.
  • Size – The Kayak should be spacious and large enough in size. Because you and your dog will be able to relax with a large kayak.
  • Weight – Choose a kayak that has excellent load capacity as your dog will add excessive weight to your kayak. However, it is better to choose an inflatable kayak with which you can paddle with ease.

By considering these features, we will recommend a great kayak for dogs. Let’s have a look on our recommendation:

Ocean Kayak Malibu Recreational Kayak: Expert’s Recommendation

This recreational kayak is perfect for those who are looking for the best kayak for dogs. The kayak comes with durable design and construction. Moreover, it is larger and stable. The best thing is that it has a generous load capacity. More specifically, it can load up to 2 adults and a child or one dog. Let’s see its features at a glance:

  • The kayak can easily hold a couple of adults and a child or dog. 
  • It features durable design and construction so it is less likely to capsize.
  • It’s a versatile kayak and reliable as well.
  • This recreational kayak is easy to set up.
  • It features excellent stability that makes it more reliable compared to other models.
  • It can be a great option for those who want to go kayaking with the family.

Well, once you have purchased a kayak, you need to take some steps to prepare to go kayaking with a dog. In fact, you need to follow a complete guide while take your dog for kayaking. You can follow our guide:

Examine Your Dog

First, you need to fix how much you want to kayak with your pup. If you want to kayak for a long time, then your pup should have the capability to remain calm while kayaking. You know some dogs are very hyperactive and they don’t want to sit stay or remain calm for more than a few moments. So your pup should be perfect to company you on the kayak.

Prepare your puppy for the tour he will go on. You must make sure that groom your dog before you explore the water. The main thing you have to do is paddling with one hand and taking care of your puppy with another hand. If your dog is nervous and doesn’t like water, then it’s a good idea to use a vessel to hold it on while kayaking.

Surely your trip will fail if your puppy has not the ability to cooperate with you. I mean if the dog won’t remain calm. In fact, you know well how your puppy is. So think twice before kayaking with a dog.

Make Your Dog Free to Play with the Kayak

Your dog can feel scared to cope with your kayak up. So first you need to introduce your dog with the Kayaks. You can place your kayak on the yard when your puppy plays so that it can feel safe to be on the kayak. Once it feels okay to be on, there will be more likely to succeed in your trip.

You also can place a soft bed on the kayak so that the puppy can feel more relaxed. Placing the favourite toys of your puppy on the kayak is also a great idea to go on.   

Well, then you can let your puppy on after getting on the kayak. Surely the dog will feel safe and relaxed to be there.  Finally, you can get on the kayak and invite your dog onto the kayak.

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Go Slow!

Well, before serious kayaking you can take a short trip so that your dog can get used to kayaking. Basically, it is better to take this type of short trip on calm fresh water. If you are kayaking for the first time with a puppy, you need to move slowly. Once the dog gets used to kayaking, then you can think about the long trip.

Setting Off From the Shore

This is when sitting / staying firm is very important. Your dog should stay sit in the kayak while trying to get him off the shore. Some dogs want to jump when the boat is moving and you are not on it.

Repeat your “stay” command to assure your puppy. After getting on the boat, you need to take time to keep your puppy adapt to the sounds and movements of paddling.

Keeping Your Dog Stay in the Kayak

“Stay” is the main command when you move, but it can completely ignore your commands when something moves. You will encounter lots of wildlife on your kayak tours, and your dogs just can’t stop the excitement from seeing a bird, a big fish, or even some attractive thing onshore. However, if you train your dog to keep cool and calm, then he won’t jump out of your kayak.

The essentials you need to keep along with you while kayaking with your puppy.

Well, you need to carry some of the essential gears to make your journey easier. You also have to carry some important belongings for your dog. However, you can follow this shortlist to organize your belongings.

  • First of all, you need to manage a perfect kayak with which you can go kayaking with a dog. We’ve recommended an excellent kayak earlier in the article.
  • PFDs like Life Jacket and other essentials for you and your puppy.
  • The favorite toys for your puppy.
  • You should carry torchlight and compass as well. These will be essential while kayaking at night.
  • You also may carry some foods and drinks as well.

Things to do to keep you and your puppy safe while kayaking:

You may think that the puppies are innate swimmers. Umm… it’s true indeed. But they can be vulnerable to drowning. So make sure you concentrate on the life jacket for your puppy. However, do not forget to wear a life vest to keep yourself safe while kayaking.

Apart from that, you can carry the first aid box. Sunscreen is also very crucial both for your dog and you. Because it will protect you and your puppy from the harmful UV rays.

Moreover, it is better to take a person with you so that you can take care of your dog properly. Umm, you can take your spouse or a friend with you. Then it will be more enjoyable.

In fact, you will be able to prevent your dog from jumping out of the kayak. However, you must have to make sure that your company wears personal floating device.

Final Words

You know we are dedicated to sharing a wide range of information on the kayaking and other related things. In fact, we love to share useful resources for our beloved readers. Hope this useful article will help you out to go kayaking with your dog.

If you have any questions about kayaking and other related things, please feel free to comment down below. Our experts will reach you to help you out soon. However, you can share this resourceful article on social media to spread it out.