Kayaking in Arizona: 6 Must Visit Places (River, Sopt, Lake)

Kayaking is a fun outdoor activity. There are many beautiful locations where you can enjoy kayaking, and Arizona is one of them. You might think of Arizona as a deserted place, but in reality, it has some of the best locations for kayaking.

It is filled with beautiful rivers, lakes, and breath-taking scenery, making it a perfect place for a fun outdoor adventure.

If you are looking for some of the best locations for a kayak in Arizona, then this article with detailed information will help you in finding them.

6 Best Places to Go Kayaking in Arizona (AZ)

  1. Lower Salt River, Mesa, Arizona
  2. Blue Ridge Reservoir, Happy Jack, Arizona
  3. Lake Pleasant
  4. Big Lake, Apache County, Arizona
  5. Lone Rock Canyon, Page, Arizona
  6. Tempe Town Lake, Arizona

All details are as follows…

Lower Salt River, Mesa, Arizona

The Lower Salt River is located in the Tonto National Forest, within the Sonoran desert. It is one of the most popular spots among the locals as the river is surrounded by greenery cliffs and mountains, which makes it the most beautiful spot for kayaking.

The salt river is mostly crowded in summer as during that time you can spot an abundance of wildlife like rabbits, wild horses, hawks, etc. The river is calm and smooth, making it perfect to practice your kayaking skills with a beginner kayak.

If you want to kayak while enjoying the views of the mountains, then this lower salt river will be a great place.

Blue Ridge Reservoir, Happy Jack, Arizona

Talking about the amazing kayaking and paddling in Arizona, the Blue Ridge Reservoir will leave you mesmerized with its iconic scenery.

Located 6,700 feet above the ground, this reservoir consists of unmatched and stunning views for kayaking.

It is surrounded by large canyon walls and forestry that makes the lake even more stunning. You can not only enjoy the views but also can practice different kayaking techniques in this narrow and peaceful lake.

One of the best parts of the blue ridge reservoir is that you get plenty of space to explore the lake as motorboats are not allowed on the lake.

Lake Pleasant

If you are traveling to Metro Phoenix or live near there, then you should not miss the lake pleasant.

This lake has an 11.5-miles length with cliffs and canyon walls on the sides.

You will surely enjoy this large-body lake and its spectacular views while kayaking with your friends and family. The locals love this lake as it is the best kayaking location, which contains everything to provide you with memorable kayaking experience.

Big Lake, Apache County, Arizona

The big lake is an expansive lake, which is situated in the middle of Northern Arizona. Surrounded by white mountains, this lake is a hidden gem that requires more recognition.

As it is a remote area, the lake is quite less crowded than the popular ones.

This 450-acre lake is mostly great for a fishing kayak, as it filled with a large population of trout. If you are looking for a relaxing spot far away from the big city, then this big lake will be a perfect choice.

Lone Rock Canyon, Page, Arizona

You cannot miss the Lone Rock Canyon if you want to experience something unforgettable. It is one of the most popular lakes, which comes with calm and flat water.

Talking about the views, the lake is surrounded by large cliffs that make it look serene.

For a picturesque and memorable experience, visit this lake during sunset time and get lost in its beauty.

Tempe Town Lake, Arizona

This lake is one of the most popular and crowded lakes in Arizona. It is situated at the heart of Tempe and is longer than 2-miles.

Adding water and damming salt river’s dry parts was how this lake was created.

It is mostly busy during the summer as people from different cities visit for kayaking. You can rent a tandem kayak or can bring your own to explore the beautiful lake.

Book and Kayak for Best Arizona Kayaking

A good book about paddling and kayaking can be very helpful. Here is a book that provides a detailed guide on paddling in Arizona. It reveals kayak friendly lakes and rivers in Arizona with reservoirs, ponds, whitewater rivers, and so on.

It includes maps, photos, geographical and hydro-logical information for every area. Overall, this is a complete guide that makes your next adventurous trip awesome.

If you want to purchase a kayak to enjoy kayaking on the lakes of Arizona, then I recommend the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak. It is quite comfortable to use and comes with an adjustable inflatable seat with backrest. There is also a cockpit that adds space and comfort.

This kayak has 400-pounds weight capacity and comes with rugged vinyl construction. You can travel through the lakes of Arizona with this bright yellow kayak, which is designed for easy padding and to maximize comfort.

Final Thoughts

If you love exploring lakes and looking for a spotaway from the city lights, then kayaking in different places of Arizona is the best choice. You can spend your summer-time enjoying its amazing lakes, mountains, and scenery. I hope this article has helped you in finding some of the best places for kayaking this summer.