Best Place to Kayaking in Florida

Florida is always a great place to go for kayaking. In fact, it can be considered as the paradise for kayakers. As you have searched the term “Best Kayaking in Florida”, then it is assumed that you are a serious kayaker. However, here we are going to make a guide for those who want to explore the best Florida kayaking.

Best Kayaking in Northwest Florida  

1. Walton County

One of the most impressive things about Walton County is that it comes with outstanding natural beauties. In fact, you can rarely find these natural features in other places. This beautiful county comes with 15 named dune lakes where you can go for kayaking. During this journey, you will enjoy stunning landscapes along the shoreline as well as calm and clear waters and the diversified wildlife.    

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You will be amazed to know that Walton County is the only place in Florida that offers tea-colored tannic lake. And the lake is enclosed with the sand dunes. You can also explore the greenish-blue color water of the Gulf of Mexico. However, Lake Powel is the largest dune where you can rent out a kayak.  

2. The Beaches of Destin

One very popular kayaking and boating trip runs from Destin Harbor, bustling with restaurants, shops, and boat rental outfitters, to nearby Crab Island. Be prepared to see lots of other boats and people and be mindful of the tides. Head to Destin Kayak Rentals to get started.

A popular kayak and boat trip leads from Destin Harbor which is very close to Crab Island. The convenient thing is that you will find there so many numerous restaurants, shops as well as boat rental guides. You may even see loads of boasts out there as the place is large enough. However, you can get started with just renting a kayak from the Destin Kayak Rentals.

3. Blackwater River

Having tannic water and the white sandy beaches, the beautiful and fast-moving Blackwater River is surely a top-most attraction among the kayakers. It’s really true, especially in the summer months.

There are lots of oxbow lakes that originated from the Blackwater River. Some of them may be seen from the river. You will find several launching points with the river from where you can get started your kayaking. You should choose the point depending on how long you want to spend on the water.

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You will find a lot of aquatic plants in the river including bladderwort, coontail, spatterdock, water fern, water lily, coontail, and many more. Apart from that, there are amazing national wildlife refuge along the rainbow river.

Best Kayaking in North Florida

1. Wakulla River

The kayakers can enjoy a great journey through the 16 km rowing path on the Wakulla River. In fact, they will experience a smooth and reliable trip, thanks to the crystal clear waters, and the beautiful wildlife along the river.

Apart from those, there are a lot of species in the water. So this place is also perfect for fishing. If you are a newbie, then you may rent a guide. Or else, you can enjoy yourself if you are expert enough in kayaking.

2. Suwannee River State Park

It seems to me that the Suwannee River is the most iconic river in Florida. The River flows through the countryside, and it’s very quiet and comes with lots of stunning attractions. If you enjoy the best kayaking in North Florida, then the Suwannee River State Park is one of best places for sure.

With amazing attractions, the state park can be a great place for camping and overnight shelter. In fact, this place may be the best for spending holidays.

When it comes to kayaking, the place is really impressive with its tannic water, and surrounded wildlife. However, the paddling trail on this river may be easy or difficult, depending on the location you are kayaking.

Best Kayaking in Northeast Florida

1. Little Talbot Island State Park

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced kayaker, the Little Talbot Island State Park would be a perfect place for kayaking. With the substantial amount of facilities, the springs state park will offer you unforgettable moments throughout the journey.

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In fact, the state park is a paradise for the kayakers. You will find lots of native and migrant birds. Moreover, there are also dunes, maritime forests, and salt marshes.

Best Kayaking in Central Florida

1. Indian River Lagoon Bioluminescence

If you want to go for kayaking in the evening or night time, then surely the Indian River Lagoon bioluminescence would be the best place in Central Florida. It’s really wonderful to see the bioluminescence.

Do you know what bioluminescence is? Well, it is light from the biological sources. Just imagine you are seeing the blue colored underwater light while kayaking. Wow! How wonderful it is. 

So be prepared to enjoy the bioluminescent paddling tours. However, it is recommended to go kayaking between June to October. But it’s available throughout the year. If you are a serious kayaker, you must consider this place.

Best Kayaking in South Florida

1. Indian Key

The Florida keys have loads of places to go kayaking, however, the Indian Key Historic springs State Park is characterized by both its isolation and its relatively easy access. Although you can reach the island with a boat, it won’t take more than 20 minutes to go kayaking on the Island.

During the journey, you may find some of the sea animals like Dolphins, Eagle Rays, Manatees, and so on. In fact, it’s a great place for having sunbath. However, you can explore its clear water by renting out a kayak.


Here we’ve listed 8 best places to go for kayaking in Florida. Hope this resourceful guide will help to make the decision easily.

Basically, we have included the places for kayaking. There also many places out there to go kayaking in Florida. However, do not forget to use PFDs and other safety gear while kayaking. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions if you have any.