When to Discard Your PFD?

Before getting to know “when should you discard a PFD”, you should know first what exactly the PFD is. Alright, the PFD refers to “Personal Floating Device” The PFDs are available in a variety of types, sizes, and colors. It is designed to offer more comfort than that of a life jacket.

In fact, it is intended to help afloat the user on the water. So it can be considered as a life jacket. However, you must choose the PFDs that are approved by the “United States Coast Guard”. Because the improper use of a life jacket or PFD may lead to the cause of boating death. Therefore, you must need to know how to use PFDs before riding on a boat or kayak.

What to look for while getting the right PFDs?

According to the “United States Coast Guard”, there were 4115 accidents counted in 2018, and it resulted in 633 death as well as 2511 injuries. And most of the accidents happened due to not using PFDs. The PFDs are mainly responsible for keeping you afloat while water mishap. And it will also save you from drowning. So it is better to have the appropriate PFDs. However, consider the following things to choose the right PFDs.

Appropriate Size

PFDs come with a wide range of sizes and shapes for different individuals. More specifically, these are available for both adults and kids alike. You will be amazed to know that the PDFs are also made for dogs. So you just need to choose the unit that fits your size.

Durable Strap

You must have to make sure the PDF has durable and reliable straps that can tie well. Moreover, you need to look for the zippers and other essential things. So must ensure that it can fasten properly before making a purchase.

Test on the water

Apart from making sure the appropriate sizing, and proper fastening, you have to test the device on the water to make sure that it works well.

When You Should Discard Your PFDs

Surely you know how important it is to use PFDs while riding on the boat or kayak. But after a certain time, the PDFs will be expired. You may raise the question of how can I understand that the PDFs got expired? Well, you will understand to see some signs. Let’s explain the matters briefly. However, if you see the following signs, then be sure that your PDFs should be replaced. You have to concern about your personal floatation devices.

1. When the Life Jacket is going to be discolored

Well, fading is a tiny symptom that you need to replace the PDF. Even though a faded jacket is not useless, you should start planning to change your PDF.  So if you notice that your PDFs are going to fade, then try to discard it as soon as possible. Because you can’t compromise with the safety precautions of your life any way.

2. When the foam got compressed or the fabric got ripped

One of the main signs of an expired PFD is torn fabric. The truth is that both the expensive and inexpensive PDFs are out there on the market. The expensive model will last longer compared to the cheap options as the manufacturers make them with stronger foams and fabrics. However, if the foam and fabric of your PFDs start to tear, then assume that it’s time to discard it.

3. When it reduces its absorbance capacity

Basically, it is a common task for a fisherman to work on the water. So your PFDs may wet through the water. You may know that the PDFs have limitations. It can properly prove the water up to a certain period. It may lose its waterproof capacity due to excessive use. So if you are a fisherman, and if you use the PFDs for fishing frequently, then you should be concerned about its functionality. If you realize that it lost its waterproofness, don’t forget to discard it immediately. Because if it absorbs the water, then it will increase the weight of the user. And it can lead to a mishap. So in this case, try to replace the PFDs as soon as possible.

4. When you find an air leak

The air leak is another symptom of discarding a PFD. You can easily find out the air leak by simply compressing the unit. In this way, you can easily expose the leak of your device. Once you find a leak anyway, discard the device without any delay.

5. When it Doesn’t Fit

It’s a simple matter. If the PFDs will no longer fit you, surely you should change it without wasting any time. I think there is no need to explain anymore as it is fairly simple to understand.

7. When it gets dirty excessively

You should always keep the PFDs clean and out of dirt. If you don’t clean it on a regular basis, it can get dirty overly. In this case, you should replace it with a new one.

8. When the CO2 Cylinder got punctured

A CO2 cylinder is one of the most crucial stuff of PFDs. If the surface of the cylinder got punctured any way, the entire unit will be useless. So if you can find out that the CO2 cylinder is punctured, you should discard the PFDs as soon as possible. 


If the safety equipment does not work properly, then it won’t be considered as safety equipment. In other words, when the personal safety equipment has lost its efficiency and effectiveness, then it no longer has to be considered as a protective device. For example, if the PFDs have lost their functionality, then it won’t save you from drowning. You know that the PFDs are engineered for ensuring safety for those who use boats or kayaks. So make sure it’s working before using the PFDs. When it will lose its effectiveness you should discard it immediately.

Hope, you enjoyed this article. If you have any queries yet, feel free to ask us. We’ll help you out.